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bearing rings automatic forgin

4 Axis swing arm forging robot


2018-11-06 19:30

4 Axis swing arm forging robot Features:

. For automatic forging 

. 4 axis design

.AC servo motor drive great stability and high position repeat accuracy

. Automaita tamping base 

. implicity of operation


.Single machine forging feeding the robot flexible installation

. ultiple machine product transfer, different heigh of mold can be ompatibela and easy for molds change

. molding process product need mold ejection device punching mold needs a stripper

. suitable for many product share same stamping production line, quick programming and debugging


Model    FY-B-S4G20H
Umber of axis   4 axis
Aax working radius   R1800mm
Loading    20kgs
Driving mode   AC servo motor
Position repeat ccuracy    ±0.3mm
Parameters of axis    Z:300mm R:210°A:800mm B:270:°
Working efficiency    Max: 10c/min
Rated power    4.5KW
Ambient temperature    0~50℃
Installation method    floor mounted