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bearing rings automatic forgin

single arm walking beam forging robot for bearing hot forgin


2019-01-11 11:25

single arm walking beam forging robot for hit preciion bearing hot forging auto transfer, bearing automatic manufacturing 

single arm walking beam forging robot  Features 

. Multiple forging high-end equipment
.Modular mechanical structure design
.AC servo motor drive, great stability and high position repeat accuracy
.Simplicity of operation


Model         FY-B-T3D3H
Number of axis   X*Y*Z=350*250*150mm
Loading   3kgs
Motor   TW AC servo motor
position   ±0.2mm
Working eficiency   Max:25c/min
rated power   4.5KW
Ambient temperature   0~50℃
Installation method  floor mounted 


Single machine with multiple forging procedure, the robot be installed in front of the machine

the opening punch be installed in the idle of the machine, the closing punch be installed by the side of the machine 

suitable for nunts, bearing automatic forging

sutable for multiple product share robot, quick programing and debugging