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bearing rings automatic forgin

Multi station forging line for mall bearing rings


2018-11-28 11:27

multi station automatic sleeve forging production line for small bearing rings


multi position automatic forging ( sleeve forging) for bearings below 3kgs

Forging process;

Material i warm cut , two times heating, three station automatic forging ( sleeve forging0, reaming and whole diameter

Optional sawing saws, heating nd forging ome time

Machine tool requirements:

The forging press has variable frequency speeed regulation and electronic cam, and the forming die has a lower ejection mechanism

Manipulator configuration

One set of feeder, two single-side walking beam manipulators, one feeding core manipulator, two reaming manipulators and one whole -diameter manipulator

Production efficiency

15-20pcs/min ( frequency converion punch)

10-15pcs/min (ordinary punch)


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