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What are the differences between punching manipulator and pu


2018-12-17 11:20
There are traditional manual production and automatic production in stamping process. Dongguan Stamping Manipulator Factory Brief Analysis of the Differences between Stamping Manipulator and Stamping Robot

What are the characteristics of automatic production line and punching robot in the production process?
Stamping robot is a kind of automatic equipment which is specially designed for the configuration of various punches and hydraulic presses, and can effectively replace manual automatic loading and unloading. The punch manipulator has many degrees of freedom actions, such as vertical lifting, horizontal rotation, horizontal axis expansion, workpiece rotation, workpiece turnover, and can automatically adapt to the punch height, feeding height and cutting height to meet the requirements of various stamping processes to the greatest extent, so as to realize "unmanned" automatic production.
The operation cycle mode of the automatic stamping production line of stamping robot is stacking (robot stacking) - sheet material transmission - sheet oil coating - sheet material centering - feeding robot feeding - (first press stamping) - blanking robot feeding, feeding - (press stamping) - (according to the number of processes) - blanking robot feeding and feeding - (according to the number of cycles) - blanking robot feeding and feeding - ( End press stamping - line tail robot feeding, feeding - belt conveyor - manual palletizing. This paper takes the robot stamping automation production line of Great Wall Automobile as an example to design its overall layout and electrical control.
Installation method: Stamping robot line is installed on the ground, and there is no mechanical connection with the press; Stamping robot line installs steel beams between the columns of the press and attaches to the press.
Usage characteristics: The punching robot line is more flexible by switching the end pickup and adjusting the movement trajectory of the punching robot.
Production rhythm: The production rhythm of stamping robot line is 7 pieces min to 10 pieces min, and that of stamping manipulator line is 8 pieces min to 12 pieces min.
Investment Cost: Four-axis stamping manipulator line has high investment and low investment. Because production rhythm is a comprehensive index, it not only depends on a certain equipment, but also depends on the coordinated matching relationship among automation equipment, press and die. If more than 10 pieces of time are reached, the requirements for press and die will be increased correspondingly, which means that investment will increase.



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