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Automation bearing ring forging,


2019-03-24 20:18
Automation bearing ring forging, process analysis is in needed at the first.
The biggest difference between the automatic forging process and the manual forging process . automatic forging the product must be left the mould and the product is not allowed to stick in the mould or be taken up by the upper mould. Therefore, in the process design of automatic forging, special attention should be paid to the forming process and cutting process.
First , in the forging process, we need to install ejection mechanism under the forming mould . After forging and pressing, the product is ejected for the manipulator to grasp. The ejection mechanism is divided into mechanical structure and hydraulic structure. Two kinds of ejection mechanisms have their own advantages, among which the hydraulic ejection mechanism is simple in structure but slow in speed; the mechanism ejection mechanism uses the power of slider on the press to eject the product through a lever mechanism, which is more complex in structure, but it is online with the press and has fast speed.
second is cutting process, which has two functions, one is bottom cutting, the other is product pressure. When the product is cut to the bottom, the product will be taken up by the punch. Therefore, we need to install a stripping mechanism on the bottom cutting mould. On the one hand, this mechanism can avoid the product being taken up, and at the same time, the product will be pressurized to meet the two functions at the same time.

Bearing ring automatic forging and sleeve forging process, according to product characteristics, can also achieve full automatic sleeve forging, the process and the above single forging more complex. please contact us for more  bearing automatic forging technology.


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