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bearing rings


2018-11-15 14:56

FITYOU is a  China advancement manufacturer of deep groove ball bearing, roller bearing and eccentric ball bearings. Fityou responds to meet your requirements.

Bearing for cars, all kinds of machinery and industrial such as:
  • trains
  • airplanes
  • washing machines
  • refrigerators
  • air conditioners
  • vacuum cleaners
  • photocopy machines
  • computers
  • satellites
  • Bearings enhance the functionality of machinery and help to save energy. Bearings do their work silently, in tough environments, hidden in machinery where we can't see them. Nevertheless, bearings are crucial for the stable operation of machinery and for ensuring its top performance.
  • The word "bearing" incorporates the meaning of "to bear," in the sense of "to support," and "to carry a burden." This refers to the fact that bearings support and carry the burden of revolving axles.
The basic function of bearings is principally to reduce mechanical friction. Reducing friction means:
  1. machinery will run more efficiently
  2. there will be less frictional wear, extending the operating life of the machinery
  3. preventing abrasion burn, avoiding mechanical breakdown
Bearings also contribute to lower energy consumption by reducing friction and allowing the efficient transmission of power. This is just one way in which bearings are environmentally

Rolling bearing
(Ball bearing)

inner ring 
 small ring of the inter race

used to fix the position of the rolling elements