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Demo Case

4 axis Swing Arm Stamping Robot-Standard Type


2018-12-10 13:42
Suitable for products:
Suitable for machine tools:
Requirements for machine tools:
Suitable technology:
Manipulator configuration:
Production efficiency:
Technical characteristics
1. Pressing and hydraulic automatic production professional robots;
2. Four-axis mechanism, flexible movement, suitable for a variety of working conditions;
3. Servo drive, stable performance, improve operation accuracy;
4. Supporting customers'existing machine tools to achieve automatic stamping;
5. Easy to operate, friendly interface, convenient for employees to learn.
Scope of application
1. Punching feeding and sampling in single working procedure of single punch press, flexible installation position of robot;
2. Multi-punch and multi-process transfer products, different tonnage punch and different height die can be compatible, easy to replace the die;
3. It is suitable for multi-products to share an automatic stamping production line. It has fast programming and convenient debugging.
Matching equipment
Material elevator and coil feeder (one of them)